Wednesday 21 January 2015

One Word Project

Last night I made time to join the OSSEMOOC discussion. We discussed one word that will lead us through the rest of the year. This conversation came after OSSEMOOC asked for educators to share one word for 2015 instead of a New Years resolution #onewordONT.

I jumped on ship and quickly came up with my word so that I could join in on the conversation. This word was not new it is one I have to remind myself about on a daily basis. I know you are trying to guess right now what my word could be. Please share your guesses I would love to hear them!

To keep the guessing game going I will tell you all the reasons this word is a challenge for me:
  • Finding the time
  • I love to share
  • Finding the time
  • I'm always thinking
  • Finding the time
  • I'm not the most patient person
Are you any closer to the chosen word? Donna Fry shared an episode on CBC she was able to view on Daniel Goleman author of EQ and his main message was if we all stop talking and just listen we would improve our Emotional Intelligence
So if you haven't already guessed it my word is Listen. The challenge is finding time so that all students and staff feel like they have been heard. My challenge is to become better at listening to stop myself from interrupting, making assumptions, rescuing students and just listen. Even more so when I return home at the end of a school day making sure to do the same for my own two children. I often catch myself saying "In a minute" "Not right now" as I'm rushing to put dinner on the table I have to stop and make sure to hear what my daughter has to share about her day.

What word will be yours for 2015?

How about the word Better! Thanks to Tim
We are who we are today and tomorrow we will be better! Our life is a learning journey. Our responsibility as a learner is also to share with others to help others become better! Don't wait to share the polished stuff jump in sooner than later. This is primarily the reason that I don't blog. I don't have time to polish a blog post and then I feel that I shouldn't post it because someone will judge my grammar, comments etc. If I wait until I have time to write a blog post to sound like a paper I would hand in while I was at University I will never blog! So here goes to putting myself out there, sharing my thoughts and not being perfect!!

Another word that was shared was "Model" (thanks Mark) and I love this word because I believe it holds a lot of power. I believe it is really important to model the behaviour and expectations that you wish others to have.

What about the word "Courage". I'm going to use that word when I push the publish button! Courage is a word that can address so many areas of education. Donna referred to the word from the standpoint of a leader. I think we need to have courage to try something new because it might fail and we may need to explain that to parents, students, supervisors etc. but if we never try how will we grow. I have been reading on twitter the challenge to avoid using worksheets for a week. For some teachers that might require a lot of courage as they step away from their comfort zone. Great word for the year 2015. Thanks Donna

So what's your word?


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