Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Teaching kids to Cook (ASD)

Your Special Chef is a collection of resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with disabilities. 

Food preparation skills cross a variety of curricular domains, and learning to prepare simple meals can improve independence and nutrition. An individual with disabilities who acquires cooking skills may have an increased ability for employment in food industries, may save money by preparing more economical options, may use cooking as a form of recreation, and may experience social benefits by cooking with friends or preparing food for a potluck. Academically, learning to cook may promote math and reading proficiencies required for employment.

The website has a variety of visual recipes but also has a function for creating your own recipe 


Student and Classroom Resources - Visuals

You can find numerous resources and pics at this website. If you don't have access to boardmaker or some of the other tools that are supported by this website make sure to apply filter and check off the resources you will be able to download ie. PDF