Sunday, 10 April 2016

Demo Slam - Google Summit 2016

Google slam

Speech Recognition to translate words to create a word cloud
Tagxedo does not work with goodle docs

Google Tools - In a google search type in the following and watch what happens on your screen
Do a bear roll
zerg rush
Super mario bros (find the question mark)
Atari breakout (image search) - use the force luke

App - the no procrastination app for writing

Google Calendar
-Repeat every week, day
-class scheduler for google calendar with cycle days

Create a beat and add your rap use screencast and post to youtube

Control A - will select all

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Google Summit 2016

Here were the best parts of the day:

Breakout EDU
Dr. Johnson’s Lab

  • In the room is the antidote to save the world from a zombie apocalypse you must get the antidote from the box. 
  • So much fun - The cost of the box and locks protocol is $200 shipping and tax included. 
  • There are numerous games online and available for free
  • Great for collaborative learning, team building, innovation, problem solving, learning skills

Edpuzzle - allows you to create questions throughout a video, you can crop a video, audio track allows you to replace the video with your voice, audio notes allows you to insert your voice to ask students a question, you can add a question that students have to answer, the video won’t play unless student is on tab avoids two tabs open at the same time, you can assign to google classroom, you

Peardeck - allows for interactive classroom
Go to google drive and connect more apps “pear deck” this is how the teacher would create a pear deck. Looks like a google presentation

Quizizz (like kahoot but even better)
You can assign as homework (unlike kahoot that is live)
Students don’t have to play at the same time
Fun way to give a quiz

Google Cardboard

Google  Cardboard - can buy from amazon, makes virtual reality