Monday, 10 November 2014

Game Based Learning

Game Based Learning

At ECOO I went to a workshop on game based learning by @adeletweets and

My purpose for attending this workshop was to gather resources that have been tested in the classroom and our beneficial for critical thinking, increased engagement and connection to the curriculum. A huge shout out to the presenters for sharing some great resources. The following resources shared at the conference fit into five categories on why and how you would use games in the classroom:

-provocation for inquiry
-assessment tool
-skill builder
-schema builder
-learning tool

1. Prodigy
Makes math fun. You can differentiate for each student in the class by grade level, math strand, number of questions by creating an assignment for the student you can target a specific outcome for example multiplication 3 times table or 2D shapes

2. Electrocity
Online game that lets students mange their own virtual towns and cities. Students learn about energy, sustainability and environmental management

3. Dragon Box
Ipad App that reinforces algebraic rule. Looks good for all ages and has two levels the unfortunate part is the cost.

4. New World Colony (IPad)
Can be used to build schema for social studies unit on early settlers

5. Sumdog (IPad or Online)
On sumdog you can set up a live class with a leaderboard and assign differentiated questions. Students can compete with each other at their own level.

6. Tinybob (Ipad) human body
Use as a provocation tool! Let the students play human body sandbox app as they play curiosity is piqued, students record wonderings and questions, students find answers to their wonderings - record wonderings in a google doc

Further Research:

Jane McGonigal 

Jane McGonigal is a game designer with Avant Game, and a senior researcher at the Institute for the Future. Read her full biography.
The Interview with Steve Paikin: Jane McGonigal: How Video Games will Save the World Author Jane McGonigal on how reality is broken and video games can fix it. 

The Happiness Engine


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