Saturday, 7 March 2015

Q-Chart Literacy Strategy

Q Charts Created by Mary Anne Patterson Elementary Program Consultant LKDSB

Purpose of Using Q charts

Q charts are a tool that teachers use to help their students develop many skills. When Q charts are used along with a read aloud, rich opportunities are provided for literacy development. 

Using a Q-Chart to Form Questions

• In order to form a question, you first select one word from the left hand side of the Q chart (Who, What, Where, Why, When, How) • Then select a word from the upper column (is, did, can, would, will, might) to form the question • Now move across and down the chart following your 2 selected question prompts to locate the square where the question will be recorded. (ie: “Where will the story take place?” is recorded in the 3rd row down, 5th column over)

Value of Student Talk

“Talk supports the thinking process. By providing opportunities for oral language development, teachers encourage students to develop higher order thinking skills. To ensure that all students strengthen their oral language skills, and find their voice in the classroom, teachers should provide opportunities for them to participate in a variety of oral language activities.” (Guide to Effective Instruction in Reading K-3, 2003, p.3.3)

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