Saturday, 11 April 2015

#gafesummit Apps/Extensions/Add Ons from #Gafesummit



PDF Mergy
Pixlr Editor
Biodigital Human


Awesome Screenshot

Extension Manager
Earth View from Google Maps
Google Art Project

Crome Extensions by Donnie Piercey

Add Ons

Doctopus (Sheets)
Mail Merge (Sheets)
Remove Duplicates (Sheets)
Easybib (docs)
Thesaurus (docs)

-time lapse of the growth of Las Vegas, Amazon deforestation

smartypins - the idea is to get as close to the location from the hint

Geoguessr - gives you a picture & you need to guess the location

Geosettr - You can create the game by setting the place as the teacher or have a student set the location after the fifth location you will get a URL to give out to your students

Google and the 4 C's - Mark Hammon's Site

Maps Google go to Earth

Google Cultural Insititute  (google shortener)

Google Build

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