Sunday, 12 April 2015

#gafesummit GAFE 4 Primary Classroom @rchids

Rolland Chidiac

Your goal Take one idea from today and try to implement it!

-Is your board a GAFE

What are the top 5 reasons to use GAFE in a primary classroom: Check out his Blog

1. collaboration
2. feedback
3. empowerment
4. digital citizenship
5. Creativity
6. innovation

What tools can you use in the primary classroom

Google Slides
-Types of Families to teach students how to use google slides insert drawing, text

-students can go home and log into their account to show their parents what they are working on!

-Create a link so that the slide show can be shared with parents

Making Inferences: Using Slides

Summative Assessment - each student made a slide of their inference -teacher embed the slides together

At the beginning - Digital Bootcamp the tools are the focus as they learn the tech 1:1 it takes a month

Using Google Maps
Grade 2 students

Google Hangouts

Global Read Aloud

As an Admin you need to support staff by:
Asking questions what is going on in the classroom
Bootcamp for staff
It is going to take time
Teacher needs to feel safe
Trust staff for

How do you instil digital citizen for staff?

Whole School Philosophy (Digital Citizenship)
-What do students need to know grade by grade starting in kindergarten
-Ottawa Crescent UGDSB

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