Saturday, 11 April 2015

Google Demo Slam

Google Demo Slam (sound meter)

You Tube - to remove all the distractions go to
no adds, no adds that follow, no suggestive videos!

Synergyse Google Apps Training

Free for:
-Admin Console
-Google Classroom
-You can customize

Google Form simple anecdotal form with student name, subject and notes- Use voice to speech to create anecdotal note

Go Off line with google chrome - What happens when the Internet goes down what do you do? You can still access your email and calendar need to set it up

texthelp - new keyboard for Ipad
Read and Write for google
accessible keyboard that works anywhere on the device
Itunes store- Install the app and authenticate through your cloud account
Go to settings and turn it on (ipad)
If you have IPad and you use google drive you can use google read/write
Open Google Docs and you can use the Read Write keyboard that has prediction built right into it
Available at chrome webstore (you need to purchase a licence)
Interactive Presentation tool - Like clickers
You can lock students out!

Push Bullet
you can push text from your phone to your computer
You can push a map location in google maps to your phone

type in the question that you want to ask - copy the link and email it to the person asking you the question

Try the following type in a google search:

60 second timer
equation and it will solve (4x6) + (5+5)
What is the tip for $45 - tip calculator
convert miles to km
convert m to cm

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