Friday, 24 April 2015

Professional Development Day - Small group instruction

Here is my journey towards learning more about small group instruction in both language and math.

Math Rotations in Grade 8: BUILD (Mrs. Glenda Reilly)

Both partner work
Use manipulatives
Independent Practice
Let's do some Mental Math
Device Friendly

Student Groups are formed after the pre-assessment


Math Rotations are shown on the blackboard so that students know which activity they are at


Students play jeopardy together this is an activity where they are working with a partner.

Using manipulatives students were asked to create a video to prove a theory (students could use WeVideo, Explain Everything) 

Independent Work looks more like the traditional math work with a text book however this work counts towards the student's assessment

 Device Friendly Activity is Prodigy 
Let's do Mental Math - students practice their mental math skills no calculator is allowed at this centre.

Language Rotations - Grade 2 Classroom (Ms. Lori Turk)

 Student rotation board 15 minute intervals, 7 groups, 5 centres a day

The IPad is used as an alarm so that students know when to change centres without the teacher having to stop and get their attention.

 Centres include: Chromebook work station

Guided reading station (students struggling in reading receive guided reading each day)

Read to self: Books in their book bin are at students independent reading level. These are levelled readers as well as the guided reading book for additional practice.

 Use RAZ kids for Read to Self

Writer's Workshop to practice the lesson learned from the week. Forgot to mention that the guided reading centres are only on day 2-5 because on day 1 there is whole group instruction in writing.

 Word Work station - each group has a drawer with activities at their level of understanding.


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