Monday, 31 March 2014

Data Validation

What is Data Validation?

It can be very frustrating if you are collecting information from numerous people using a google form and the information you collect is inaccurate. 

By using Data Validation in a google form you can ensure that the respondent is including the correct information in the responses.

For example: If you want to collect email addresses from your respondents: add a text item (data validation only works with text), click on data validation, choose text, email address and type in an error message (works well to use an example here) If the respondent does not put in a correct email address they will receive an error message.

Another option for using data validation is to limit the number of words (or have a requirement for the number of words) a student can use when responding to a question:

 Number Less than 15 - if a student types over 15 words they will get an error message!

See Video for step by step instructions:

See Molly Harder's post on her blog titled:-An Error Message! for more ways to use data validation. 

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