Saturday, 5 April 2014

Demo Slam - Google Summit

Day 1 - Demo Slam

Scott Monahan - Amazing Anecdotes!
  • Integrating iPhone into assessment practices - world’s simplest form:
  • Dropdown menu, subject & comments.
Use voice comments on your phone to record comments into your comments section.
Goes into a google form
Then can filter it by subject & you have anecdotal comments.

Michelle Armstrong - Flippity Dooo Dah!
Online Flashcards
  • Create a google spreadsheet two columns (question, answer)
  • Go to Publish to the net
  • Copy the URL
Go to flippity site & there is a site to paste it in.
You can use a Youtube video as well for the question by using the URL in column 1

James Petersen - Drawing Hotspots
  • Upload an image in your drawing
  • create a shape over the drawing - make it transparent - add a link to the shape
  • Insert the drawing to your website
  • When you click on the picture/drawing it will go to the link
  • You can add more than one link

  • Works with Chrome & Chromebooks
  • Allows you to see the browser tabs students have open.
  • Allows you to send a message to the student or open or close tabs for your students.

You can get album & flipbooks (in templates album & flipbooks)
Copy the URL & attach it to an image in the presentation. - record your voice
hey girl extension
youtube song -copy URL add to first page in your slideshow

  • Embedded into Google Apps
  • Click on it & it walks you through all different how to things in the program

Monica Martinez - YouTube Awesomeness!

TechSmith - Snagit for Chrome Ryan Eash

Mark Hammons - Chrome Custom Searches - Bend Chrome to your will
  • settings, manage search engines
  • give a short cut & add the URL, allowing you to connect to your drive and calendar from your browser
  • check Jennie’s blog for instructions on how to set up search engines

How Read&Write for Google makes your PDF's accessible for all students. A three minute crash course on accessibility tools for Drive that engage your students.
  • WordQ & Kurzweil replacement
  • allows you to do text to speech online, word prediction, dictionary

Molly Schroeder - Pack Your Bags
Google Forms, Spreadsheets and Maps, Oh My!
  • using Google Maps we can import Data from a spreadsheet that is in drive
  • click select, import - will populate the map where people like to go on vacation
  • can colour code the type of vacation

Interactive demo of how Pear Deck can engage every student. Audience will participate in a LIVE presentation.
  • allows you to import presentations from Google Drive
  • like using clicker responses

Black Menu for Google allows you to access all your favorite Google products from any screen inside Chrome

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