Saturday, 5 April 2014

Must Have Apps and Extensions

Here is the must have apps and extensions I discovered at the Google Summit:


1. Adblocker
2. Extensions Manager (turn your extensions on and off)
3. Screencastify (record and add voice)
4. Techsmith Snagit (screen capture - you can also add voice)
5. BlackMenu for Google (get to sites much quicker)
6. URL shortener (as the name applies)
7. You Tube Options (will have to start paying for this extension in April)
8. diigo (add bookmarks to your diigo account)


1. Blogger
2. Voice Recognition
3. Snag it - to use with the extension Techsmith (you need both!)
4. Tweet Deck
5. Sumo Paint (photoshop)
6. webcam toy
7. pocket
8. google keep
9. digital human body in 3d

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