Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Connected Learner/Leader

The Connected Learner/Leader

Leaders from UGDSB

I connect to see another perspective, share great ideas and learn new things.


How do you become connected? The first step is to open a twitter account and follow the right people. Start with Peter LeBlanc and Brenda Sherry their twitter handles are above. My handle is @nhamilton647. Remember that lurking is ok! Take one minute everyday to open your twitter account and make a commitment to re-tweet one tweet you liked. One of the biggest challenges or hurdles to overcome is finding time to become connected! Don't let TIME be your excuse! (I sometimes find time to check my twitter account while sitting in the drive through at Tim Horton's) What I love about twitter is that it can be as quick as a few minutes. As a twitter user I had to come to terms with the fact that it is not possible to read every tweet from your followers. You have to imagine twitter as a room with millions of conversations going on and you wandering into the room hearing snip-its of those conversations. Once I came to the understanding that I didn't have to read every tweet I was set to go! It seems like such a basic idea but if I am being honest it bothered me that I couldn't read every tweet but that was at the beginning of my twitter journey when I followed 10 people since then I have shifted my mindset!

Here is a handbook for new users to twitter:

Twitter hashtags to check out:
#satchat - American lead educational conversation on Saturday mornings. 

Why do we connect? I connect to see another perspective, share great ideas and learn new things.

Allowing staff, students, and families to connect online breaks down barriers. For anyone with anxiety or social fears or for those that may not want to share their thoughts in a staff meeting- online connection allows their voice to be heard!!!


TeachOntario  -Share Explore and Create resources for teachers

Group Tweet - Allows you to share a twitter account with others without sharing your password

iEARN  - Global classrooms connecting digitally

PLP network - action research projects

ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education

The connection 

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