Thursday, 27 November 2014

What's Out There to Support Connected Leaders in Education

I sat in a workshop this morning on what's out there for educators so they can become connected in the 21st learning community

Mindomo - new mindmapping software
-has presentation format
-can enter pictures and videos
-you can collaborate on a joint project
-you can chat while working on a project
-presents like a Prezi

When you sign up as an educator- click on more and choose school board and then select your school board and use your board email (some school boards may have this linked already to their school board cloud account)

Purpose: To help school and system leaders find entry points into the connected world
-You can find leaders in education from Ontario and check out their blogs and professional learning
-Tuesday night is open mic sessions - learning from the comfort of your own home!!
-New model: ten minutes of connecting a day
-Look back through the how to guide of getting started with 21st century learning (using twitter, blogging, etc)

Check here for digital resources (books for students who require accommodated formats)

OERB - Ontario Educational Resource Bank

Username and Password for a Teacher

Username and Password for a Student 


Easy to follow
They highlight 6 or 7 softwares but there are many more
You need to contact your E-Learning Contact from your schoolboard to get access to the software
You can find tutorials, images
targeted for students to learn more about elearning courses
targeted for teachers to learn more about elearning courses

Thank you,

Donna Fry Education Officer
Mark Carbone CIO WRDSB

Joe Russo e-learning coordinator TCDSB

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